5,300-year-old city and cemetery found in Egypt

5,300-year-old city and cemetery found in Egypt

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A team of archaeologists has discovered a city ​​and a 5,300-year-old cemetery 400 meters from Seti temple, in the city of Abydos, one of the most important political centers of ancient Egypt, reported the country's Ministry of Antiquities.

Huts, ceramic remains, stone tools and 15 tombs were found at the site. Mahmoud Afifi, Minister of Antiquities, explained that “The discovered tombs, in some cases, are larger than those of the kings at Abydos dating from the First Dynasty. This shows that the people buried there were important, as well as their high social position during this early era of ancient Egyptian history.«.

He added that «this discovery can shed light on the history of this city«, Abydos, which was the capital of Egypt at the end of the Predynastic period, reaching up to the first four Dynasties.

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