‘The butterfly sneeze: Garbo against Hitler’, by José de Cora

‘The butterfly sneeze: Garbo against Hitler’, by José de Cora

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In the year 1938, Hitler it was already considered as the great threat to world peace, while the Nazi regime gave the impression to all countries as indestructible.

In 1940, a character whose main characteristic was his talent for deception, in addition to possessing a lot of courage, imagination and personal charm, made a momentous decision, to fight Nazism and overthrow it from within the German ranks. The person responsible for this attempt has a name known to almost everyone: Grace.

Grace, aliases of Juan Pujol, was a German-British spy who helped, along with his wife Araceli Gonzalez (woman of good family and strong character and who would become his greatest support), to defeat hitler. Araceli's help was essential for the story to save Garbo the honor of being the spy who managed to fool Hitler, Against all odds.

Using a masterful narrative not without even a sense of humor, the author, José de Cora, recounts in ‘El sornudo de la mariposa‘ novel the unknown story of two Spaniards who, with great determination, managed to make the allied invasion (which began in Day D) is remembered as a triumph of freedom.

For those of you who don't know him, Garbo was responsible for providing Germany with false information that convinced Hitler that the Normandy's landing It will be later and in another location, in the Pas de Calais, resulting in the area being reduced by German troops where the landing would take place.

Here we leave you the novel trailer that we hope to read shortly to comment on it with you:

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