Madrid Book Night Program 2015

Madrid Book Night Program 2015

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How every April 23, the Community of Madrid celebrates Night of the Books, with the exception that this time the 10 years of the Night of the Books, an event that moves the entire city and attracts thousands of people from all over the country and the world to the capital.

Hundreds of events will take place simultaneously Between colloquia, book signings, presentations, readings, workshops, storytelling, yincanas, music, conferences and a host of other activities endow the city with a magic that only culture can offer.

Here we leave you the full program of the Night of the Books 2105 in Madrid, but we mention some of the most outstanding activities:

National Archaeological Museum - «Alphabetic writing, a great invention of Humanity».
The MAN will take a tour dedicated to writing, one of the great inventions of humanity, starting from an Iberian inscription dating from the 3rd-2nd centuries BC.

National Museum of Decorative Arts - Presentation «Silverware: MNAD collections».
8pm, prior registration by tel. 910505755.
The MNAD will take advantage of the Night of the Books to present its latest publication, the online silverware catalog, where you can also visit the exhibition curated by Javier Alonso Benito.

National Library of Spain - «Single Letters» Activity
From 7pm.
The BNA has prepared a series of surprises for all visitors both in its garden and in the rooms of its Museum and in the exhibition rooms, which will be open until 10pm. The Textile Creation Club of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the UCM will develop an intervention in the garden and the actors Fael García and Andrea Soto will bring the work of Teresa de Jesús and Miguel de Cervantes to the public.

Royal Botanical Garden - Various activities
Free entry from 4pm to 8pm.
The Botanical Garden, in addition to inviting everyone to read in its enclosure, proposes several appointments including, a self-guided itinerary on Don Quixote, a guided tour "Words that Sprout", in addition to the activities that will be carried out in its archive.

Prado Museum - «Oh beauty that you exceed! A soundscape about the life of Saint Teresa of Jesus ».
There will be two passes until full capacity is reached at 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m..
The Prado Museum has organized a concert that revolves around Santa Teresa de Jesús, offering a soundscape of her life through various passages from her work "Book of Life".

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