Ice Age humans hunted in North America about 13,300 years ago

Ice Age humans hunted in North America about 13,300 years ago

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As the latest research shows, prehistoric humans from the Ice Age hunted camels and horses about 13,300 years ago, a long time earlier than was first believed.

Proceedings magazine has published the study by Mike Waters, director of the Center for the Study of First Americans at the University of Texas, and his colleagues at the Universities of Calgary and the Danish University of Aarhus.

The team thoroughly examined the remains of seven horses and a camel that were found in an area known as the wally beach, located about 80 kilometers south of the Canadian city of Calgay, a place that is said to have been the home of many species of animals and that humans hunted many centuries ago. According to statements by Waters himself, the animals were slaughtered in a small area near a place where the river could be waded.

During your investigation, the team found some basic tools there in which the animals were sacrificed, but what is striking is that no spearheads were found associated with the killing sites.

Different tests have been made to study the remains, among which are those of radiocarbon, and the approximate age has been revealed, about 13,300 years, around 300 years before what was thought about the hunters in this area.

Waters explained that the study shows that the first hunters were in this area long before the Clovis came to inhabit the region.. In addition, thanks to this study, important information is added about the first inhabitants of North America and the role that the first human hunters assumed as well as the role they had in the extinction of the largest mammals at the end of the last Age of Ice.

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