Detroit hosts an exhibition of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

Detroit hosts an exhibition of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

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The Detroit Institute of the Arts recently opened an exhibition they called “Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo in Detroit”. This is the first exhibition that allows us to reflect on the stay of both artists in this city in the United States.

Mariana Sáinz Pacheco, deputy director of International Exhibitions of the National Coordination of Visual Arts, of the National Institute of Fine Arts, wanted to highlight that it is a shows that it has about 70 works, where is it taken as a starting point the marvelous murals that Diego Rivera painted.

This sample It will be open until July 12 and in it you can see the year in which both artists spent in Detroit, being an important turning point for each during their stay in this city, where he highlighted one of the mural cycles best achieved by Diego Rivera, the “Detroit Industry”.

The exhibition features exactly 69 pieces by both artists, with different artistic techniques such as photography, fresco, drawing, painting and graphics, works that come from different American, Mexican and English collections as well as cultural institutions and also from individuals.

This exhibition seeks to show the time in which these two artists spent in the city, not only because of the works they did, but also because of other previous and later works, which shows that they are two first-rate artists.

Sáinz Pacheco assured that the union of all the pieces of the exhibition is very important, something that allows the attending public to be able to make a particular reading about each of the works that are part of this exhibition. It also confirmed that: “It is always important to be able to support the participation of Mexican art abroad, not only with regard to the physical part but also with regard to research and production.”.

He assured that there are countless exhibitions around the figure of Frida and Diego, as is the case that is being held in Detroit, something that at the moment is having a large number of visits and is having a formidable acceptance by the public.

There are also different parallel activities such as concerts, an opera, publishing a catalog, book readings and also film screenings, what makes this exhibition totally complete that can be enjoyed by everyone and discover countless aspects of these two great artists.

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