The era of the Anthropocene began in the 20th century

The era of the Anthropocene began in the 20th century

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One of the great problems of the planet we are the human race, who with the passage of time have been changing all its geology, depleting its resources and leaving a mark that will persist for centuries and that will possibly remember us as a bellicose people, eager for resources and with very little respect for the planet that shelters us.

So he thought Paul crutzen, Nobel Prize Winner and Atmospheric Chemist, who assured that we are the beginning of a geological epoch that has baptized us as Anthropocenes. If we ask ourselves when exactly our era began, we could speak of a few thousand years ago, coinciding with the beginning of mining, agriculture, later with the Industrial Revolution or in the future, since many of the changes that will revolutionize humanity will be says they are yet to come.

A group of international researchers whose mission is analyze the Anthropocene, agree that the turning point was found in the middle of the 20th century, at which time our genus went from leaving simple traces to altering the planet, with a great acceleration in the nativity as well as in the invasion and extinction of habitats and species, in the movement of the earth and in soils, in carbon emissions and in the production of plastics and metal treatment, among others.

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Likewise, the nuclear age, at which time many radioactive isotopes spread throughout the planet, leaving a detectable trail in countless places.

This research group are not amateurs because if we take a look at those who are part of it, we will discover that its 26 members are an eminence in their respective fields, which makes none of his claims about the Anthropocene fall on deaf ears.

Among them we find Jan Zalasiewicz, from the University of Leicester, who is responsible for the group, we will also find the Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen and Alejandro Cearreta, from the University of the Basque Country. Everyone agrees that the beginning of the Anthropocene began with the dropping of the first atomic bomb on July 16, 1945, which marked the beginning of the nuclear age on our planet.

Over the next year, this group will make different recommendations on whether this unit of time could be officially “standardized” and be included in the geological time table. If so, all of us who are reading this post would be considered Anthropocenes.

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