A mummified monk found inside a Buddha statue

A mummified monk found inside a Buddha statue

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An incredible study conducted in the Netherlands has revealed that a Chinese statue of Buddha dated between 1050 and 1150 actually contains the remains of a mummified monk.

The study of the mummy was carried out under the supervision of Erik Bruijin, an expert in the field of Buddhist art and culture and a visiting curator at the World Museum in Rotterdam. Several doctors, including gastroenterologists and radiologists worked with him and revealed that the thoracic and abdominal cavities of the mummy were filled with an as yet unidentified material, while yes they have been able to see remains of paper with ancient Chinese characters.

Computed tomography clearly illustrates the skeletal structure of the mummy And doctors have taken some small bone samples for DNA testing.

The team's research is expected to be published in a future monograph on the subject, while the mummy is on display until May this year at the Natural History Museum in Budapest.

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